The University of Vigo has chosen the Sea as one of its main identity signals, both for research and higher education. The Project “Campus do Mar. Knowledge in Depth” summarizes all the possibilities opened in the marine environment (, being this Master one of the multiple pieces that the University offers for training in this field. 

A good starting point

Facultade de económicas e empresariais

After four years of experience with another similar Master in the University of Vigo, combining academic and professional resources, in course 2009-2010 we started adaptation to EHEA (European Higher Education Area). Based on our past positive experiences, both in training and in placing graduate students in jobs, a new edition of the MSc is opened for 2010-11.

A good endowment of training and professional resources

The Master is feasible because it is supported by teachers of different specialities and profiles, both from University and from marine research centres and institutes. In addition, we also rely on a group of professional experts of public and private institutions, who will show their experience in different fields and activities related to the marine environment.

External practical training

This type of Master demands that students participate in external practical training. The Vigo Area offers possibilities that are difficult to achieve for other places. To facilitate this objective, the University of Vigo has assigned agreements with diverse public and private institutions. 

A interdisciplinar and singular Master

Another characteristic of this Master is that combines, in the same offer, two specialities (Fisheries Evaluation, and Policy and Economy of the Marine Environment). Both specialities will share some training blocks and will increase the possibilities of students when designing their training programme.

A Project of guaranteed quality

Following the directives of EHEA adaptation (Bolonia Plan), this proposal has passed all the controls for quality assessment of the ANECA (Spanish Agency for Academic Quality Assessment), being this a necessary requirement to function in the EHEA.

A Project that opens professional opportunities and helps to meet social needs

In the line of Campus do Mar of the University of Vigo, we try to contribute to the creation of a training space, socially useful and adapted to the needs of the productive sector.


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